I think I can finally say we are moved in. Expanding space, material, staff and equipment is a tricky endeavor. Despite costing more and taking more time than I had budgeted, we are all very excited with the outcome. Our primary concern was to get production up and running so we could service our clients needs, followed by finding a place for everything and then putting everything in its place. Its a lot like moving into a new house and trying to figure our where the glasses should go. Some things are a lot more obvious than others, we all know to hang clothes in the closet for example but where to put the dresser and which way do you want the bed to face? This all takes time and the production flow and day to day activities eventually dictate what makes the most sense.

New ideas are constantly emerging. Embracing constant change and always working towards improvement  is at the core of everything we do.

A willingness to make a decision, knowing you might get it wrong, knowing next week you might move the screws and put the rags or cleaning supplies there instead is a philosophy that being in business has taught me. Make a decision. The universe rewards action. I read a book by Jack Canfield years ago in which he promoted the “Ready, Fire, Aim”  way of doing things. Yes you read that right. The last two actions being flipped in order to get you moving. Making decisions, fire, checking your target, adjust your aim, firing again. I know people that have spoken to me since I started running my own business telling me how lucky I am or telling me when they get some task done or some milestone in their life is reached they will go out on their own and start a business. Most, if not all of them are still not entrepreneurs. I love what I do. If you want to move forward with something you love and start a company it takes risk, it takes self discipline and it takes effort. It takes overcoming fear, a core sense of values, support form loved ones, preparation, some kind of skill but mostly it takes ACTION.

We were bursting at the seams in our old location. For any of you that visited us there it was obvious we had outgrown the place. A terrible flow to production caused by too little space, forcing materials and people and machinery to be segregated causing constant bottlenecks, forcing everyone to work harder at being organized and slowing down production. Deciding to move, deciding to expand seemed on the surface a no brainer. But the other option I see a lot of companies make is to stay put. We were busy there, things were hopping right along. A record year as a matter of fact. Why mess with success? Why risk bigger and better? Why not just stay there?

Because, my friends, I believe we do a great job. I believe that if you do not have the room to expand you never will. I believe in Ready, Fire, Aim and I believe in wanting to be the best!

I get so excited when I hear of any locally owned company doing well. I believe in buying local whenever possible. I believe in  supporting your community, I believe happiness is a form of travel and not a destination. I believe in loving what you do or don’t do it. I believe in and love the people I work with and I am excited about the future. I have no Crystal ball, no personal Psychic or soothsayer. I am just like you, I can only take my best guess at the future and I can tell you I love what I see. Our staff supported us and we were ready, we fired and now we are adjusting our aim and constantly improving.

Thank you to everyone who ever believed in me and our business. I hope to see you all soon!

Alan Sabey

  1. Christine Silver Reply

    Glad you guys are all settled and are on the continued trail of onward and upward! I am always thrilled to see the cool graphics and layouts you guys do.

  2. StaceEr Reply

    Say, you got a nice article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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